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Life Lately: 2018 FIRST QUARTER

(Review of Goals and Stock-Taking)

We’ve exhausted the first 3 months of 2018 and I must say, these months passed by really quick. Although January almost lasted like a year itself, February and March ran along before I even realized it.

Personally, this was a good quarter for me.


  1. I began my self study journey. It hasn’t been so easy being consistent but I’m working out means to intentionally create time to study. Sometimes I get a bit worked up at my slow pace…but “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.
  2. I began my Undergraduate Research Project and as the days roll by, I’m falling in love more with my research topic. Reviewing previous work makes me realize it’s a very interesting area with room for more work.
  3. I am now able to increase my productivity. My friend and I are a team on Trello where we create boards for separate goals and set milestones as cards with due dates. I achieve so much more with these and don’t forget stuff much anymore.
  4. I got a journal as a New Year’s gift and this has helped me in keeping track of my daily accounts and also houses my daily to-do-list. It also helps me keep track of my daily feeding (I am learning to cultivate a healthy eating lifestyle).
  5. I learnt to walk away from friendships that I loved but were giving me negative energy. This was a sad/tough but necessary one.


  1. I wasn’t able to combine school and business. My business suffered a lot and I had a hard time showing up. My consistency was like on a 2% on the average.
  2. Well, I have not reached the level of competency I hoped to achieve after 3 months in my self study journey.
  3. I’m human…so maybe, a 💔 happened.
  4. Still a size 4 😂😂. Weight gain….is still a challenge.
  5. My personal Christian life…still has a long way to go 😢😢

In all, I am happy with the way my 2018 began and I have seen room for improvement in many areas. I recommend everyone to take some time off to reflect on the past 3 months and take stock of 2018 so far.

So here’s to 9 months of crushing my goals and becoming a better human.

Cheers to an even greater 2nd quarter 😊

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