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Yeah you read that right, It’s fine not to have everything figured out.

This is really ironic coming from me. I am the kind of person that loves to have it all planned, documented and sure it will work even before I begin. In fact, I am obsessed with planning and organizing which in itself is a good thing, but also has cons.

If I didn’t know exactly how a thing was going to work out, to the last detail, I won’t go ahead. This had me procrastinating and giving up on many brilliant dreams.

In this short article, I’ll like to outline few ways to go about chasing your dreams and living a fulfilled life even when you don’t know how it’s all going to fall in place at end.

  • Find what you like: You need to discover what your heart beats after. This can be defined as Passion. What’s that thing you enjoy doing, you hope to create or is already existent and you believe can be done better. After discovering this, find a way to monetize it. If there are more than one, then prioritize them and begin with the first.
  • Start: At this point, it’s best to focus on only one goal. Even if everything is not 100% set, just begin. I normally tell Gooddiiee Robert that it’s okay to just start even when you feel unsure. It’s in starting that you could figure out the next step; but if you never start, you might never know.
  • Work hard to be the best: There are two C-words involved here. Commitment and Consistency. You need to be committed to whatever cause you have devoted yourself to and be consistent. Even the days that you don’t feel like it, SHOW UP still.
  • Be open to change: Do not be rigid. Be willing and ready to switch paths if necessary, learn new skills, UNLEARN and RELEARN as the world is evolving daily. Have an exit strategy and do not be too attached to something that is failing or outdated just because you believe you’ve put in so much to building it to that point.
  • God: There is a need for God in your life. I mean, a personal relationship and not just religion or doctrines. Speak to God at all times, He hears, understands and is Omniscient.

I really hope we all get to living a life of purpose and find true happiness in all that we do.

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