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First of all, Happy birthday to me!!!

I’m such a birthday person and I like to take responsibility for my happiness on my day. This makes me begin planning for my birthday months ahead. However, this year was different. I had plans of relocating for school, but I was not sure, so I simply could not plan anything. I got a birthday dress though and some close friends and family were kind enough to send in early birthday gifts while I was still in Nigeria.

This is my first birthday away from my family and friends. How will it go?

I received the best birthday present already. It’s funny how just a few days ago, I completely overlooked this and took it for granted. I had to repent and express my gratitude to God all over for this.

So now, how do I plan to spend my birthday?

I had dinner with my friends last night which was fun; and today, I had a spa appointment, then I have classes, after which I will rest at home and take calls from my loved ones (if the time difference allows).

Moving on to some public reflection…

How did 23 go?

23 tried me. It had me questioning a lot of things. A lot of things I thought I knew. A lot of things I thought I was and what I thought I wasn’t. 

23 also brought growth, an increased sense of self-awareness, and greater intentionality towards kindness. I had the best experiences and made memories with my loved ones. I moved to a new country at 23 and I started grad school.

What’s up for 24?

I honestly just want to live and love. Live a kinder life, with more intentionality, and share my joy and positivity. I will also try to do all the hard and challenging things I have been telling myself for years that I am not capable of. 

I am really excited about what this new year holds for me and the amazing things God is going to do in my life, and through me to others.

So, cheers to the birthday girl! 

This is 24. Bring it on!!!

Thank you for reading,


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